M.C Azad - Khanna City - Latest Punjabi Rap 2014

M.C Azad is my homie nigga from Khanna City, he is a great rapper and writes awesome lyrics and snailed them on lovely beats with his great talent, recently he have came up with a great Punjabi rap introducing everyone with Khanna city which is a 40 km journey to the west south from Ludhiana.

M.C. AZAD - Khanna City Intro - Punjabi Rap 2014

The above listed punjabi rap featuring my homie M.C Azad in the video, you can listen up the rap which will introduce you the to the Khanna city inclusive the various known spots and landmarks of the city, so enjoy the beats and the killing lyrics snailed by the Punjabi Rapper - M.C Azad from Khanna.

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